Monday, November 23, 2015

My Journey Begins

    • What about yourself are you most aware of as a learner? As a learner I know that I need to read, discuss and experience new information to processes it fully. That experience can be writing about it or implementing strategies and trial and error to better understand the reasoning.
    • What do you know about student learning and the 21st Century Learning Competencie (the six dimensions)? I have been to several Saturday Cafe's where the competencies were addressed. I know that as you move up on the level the students have much more autonomy and choice. The six dimensions are Collaboration, Knowledge construction, real world problem solving and innovation, technology, self regulation and skilled communication.
      • As you think about your instruction, how do you use the 21st Century Learning Competencies (the six dimensions) as a guide to your teaching practices? As I plan my lessons I look at the competencies and evaluate my pedagogical practices to ensure that I give my students access to the necessary learning skills to be successful in the content standards.

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