Monday, November 30, 2015

Knowledge construction and Use of Tech

Using Technology in the classroom is an important tool to teach the students how to use to effectively aide in their understanding of the concept development.   The students need to  use the technology to complete their lesson objectives and activities. Using web sites, blog posts. on live data generating technology, all in an effort to control the technology and create new ideas and ways to express and further their knowledge.

I plan on implementing these ideas in my classroom by making sure that the information I am requiring them to search online for more than one site with different persepectives, having to create presentations like power points and prezies with two different audiences in mind.  My students are working on their power points to  show all their researched information and I am going to add that they have to do two, one for explaining the native american perspective to the European and then in reverse the European to the native peoples.  


  1. Margo,
    Somehow I have really gotten away from the use of technology in the classroom. I feel my students probably need it even more because many of them do not have access to technology at home. It seems with the implementation of Engage NY and core knowledge we have lost those a times in the day we used technology. I definitely need to find a way to put it back into my day.

  2. Excellent idea to have students create two different presentations with two different audiences in mind. I might steal this idea! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I really like your plan to have the students explore presentations from different audiences. What a great chance for them to construct knowledge!