Monday, November 23, 2015

Skilled Communication and Collaboration

The skilled communication competency requires the student to process multiple ideas and express a logical coherent argument in order to connect ideas using multiple modalities.  There is student choice when it comes to what mode and tool they will use.  The students need to express ideas using a high DOK level explaining their thinking and reasoning. They not only state their idea but they also need to justify their claim based on evidence.  Students justification and explanation of ideas is determined by audience and students discern what they need to show based upon that audience.  Using mulit-modalities gives students a platform to add depth to descriptions. 

I plan on implementing these ideas for my students power point presentations.  I am going to amend my rubric and include the requirement for multi-modalities as well as explaining their audience and why they chose to create their presentation the way they did.  


  1. Margo, I think a PowerPoint is a great starting point for any student to begin to use technology in their educational practices. I think also that using PowerPoint to address various audiences and your stings project will give them a great understanding of 21st-century learning. I know that having students make their projects to various audiences is definitely something that I need to start working on with my second-grade students. It's interesting to see how different grade levels have goals that overlap.

  2. I am going to have my students explain their audience as well for their next project that they are beginning. Amending the rubric to include this is essential so students understand how and why they need to do this.

  3. Isn't it interesting that we really only have to tweak a few things to "ascend" the 21st Century Competency elevator when we are planning. I think many teachers are worried they will have to "overhaul" their whole planning process.