Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Real World Problem Solving

 Teachers that implement real world problem solving and innovation shouldn't focus on specific procedures students need to learn. Developing the necessary innovation and problem solving skills means that we should ask students to engage in tasks that they don’t already know the answer to or have a solution for. Problem solving and innovation means that teachers are creating lessons with thinking skills not procedural skills. 

I want to implement this in my classroom by having more open ended questions or math problems. Perhaps weekly problems that the students have to constantly go back each day to re analyze their previous notations and decide how and why a certain idea or solution would be the best. 


  1. Margo, I think your ideas for incorporating real world problem solving for your class will be very beneficial for your students. This is yet another area that I find I have not really incorporated into my classroom. I think that this is probably one of the most important skills in the 21st century classroom. This is the skill that is going to make students most successful later in life.

  2. Great ideas for implementing real world problem solving! Math is a great subject area for real world problem solving. Incorporating a rubric might help the students problem solve.

  3. Real world problem solving is tough, depending on the grade. Math is great, but make sure it is relevant to the students life. If there is no connection to the student's real world, the problem is pointless.

    1. This is from Andrew Good. Lois Allen Elementary School.