Wednesday, February 10, 2016

digital writing

         I chose this webinar because I have been wanting to know more about what resources are available  for my students to create and publish digitally.  I like the idea of using the web resources to create lessons that are built on implementing the 21st century competencies. Through the number of online resources for digital writing students are able to publish and write for authentic audiences. They are well equipped to applying critical thinking skills and the technology is most definitely required to compile the final product.  In some cases Students are indeed the designers of the technology.  Students are also able to implement skilled communication by having a set of                                                                                                connected ideas relevant to the topic                                                                                                        displayed in a multi modal way. 

 My students have begun working with little bird
tales.  They are doing a unit on rocks and minerals
using expert groups and other GLAD strategies.  Using their notes, input charts and other information they are able to collaborate in their groups making slides and they can use the voice option to actually talk about what they have learned.  They are also able to use pictures and words to explain their findings.

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  1. I am so excited to begin using Little Bird Tales with my students. Students as producers of a tech product not just consumers! Awesome!