Wednesday, February 10, 2016


     The E-portfolio webinar was completely new to me.  It was great learning about this "new" way to display information.  This personal website of sorts shows student learning through documents and media.  Through the websites students keep track of artifacts and show their learning and level of DOK.
 I chose to use the Seesaw app to have the students begin their first digital portfolios.  It's a great website for younger students to use and elementary teachers to facilitate.  It is especially good for the self-regulation, skilled communication, collaboration and self-reflection components of the competencies.  Through the website students can comment on their peers  giving them feed back and reflect on their own work as well.

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  1. Feedback is such a valuable tool for students. When my students use Seesaw they are able to see my comments and to comment on other students. This feedback loop has been such a positive experience for my students.