Wednesday, February 10, 2016

NGSS Science and the 21st century competencies

I chose to watch the NGSS Science webinar to get a better idea of how the 21st century competencies can be integrated with the science standards.  The NGSS focus on core ideas of science and engineering as well as showing the interconnectedness of science and nature.  All of the competencies can be implemented through the NGSS, the webinar also showed several websites to visit to help with this implementation.

                                                                                      My students were really engaged during the the showing of these new sites. The concord consortium website is very helpful when wanting to download good content for students to read and watch that help them build a knowledge base of new topics.  Sponge lab was another website we used, the video clips were easy to find and followed the standards perfectly.  We are learning about weathering, erosion, rocks minerals and the layers of the earth. It was so much easier to find good content without having to muddle through the abundance of videos on youtube.  I am excited to continue searching and exploring more websites to use to integrate the 21st century competencies and NGSS in my science curriculum.

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  1. I love those site thank you so much. WE are looking for resources to build our intersession curriculum.